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Welcome to Frost Heating and Cooling, your go-to furnace contractor in Kent, WA. We specialize in offering top-tier furnace services to keep your home comfortable and warm. We understand that the need for furnace repair can arise unexpectedly, which is why our dedicated team is ready to provide reliable local furnace repair whenever you need it.

Our mission is to ensure that you experience a seamless furnace service, from routine maintenance to troubleshooting complex issues. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure your heating needs are addressed with professionalism and expertise. Trust Frost Heating and Cooling for all your furnace services because a cozy home is a happy home.

Key Features and Benefits: Comprehensive Furnace Services for Ultimate Comfort

Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance: Ensuring your furnace stays in top shape is key to a cozy home in Kent, WA. At Frost Heating and Cooling, we offer comprehensive furnace maintenance services to meet this need. Our team takes care of everything from regular check-ups, cleaning, to preventative maintenance. We service both residential and commercial properties, and our experts are well-versed in dealing with different models, including floor furnaces. With our affordable furnace repair services, potential issues are identified and addressed early, saving you from hefty repair costs down the line. Trust us to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently.

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    Reliable Furnace Repair: If you’re located in Kent, WA, and seeking expert furnace installation, Frost Heating & Cooling Repair Service is ready to exceed your expectations. As your local furnace contractor, we offer comprehensive furnace installation services, tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re installing an electric, a floor furnace, or replacing an old system, our team is equipped with the expertise to ensure a smooth, efficient setup. We understand that furnace installation is a significant investment so we strive to offer our services at affordable rates with a commitment to provide transparent and reliable service. So, get ready to enjoy the warmth of a perfectly installed furnace with Frost Heating and Cooling. We make the process easy and stress-free for you!

    Expert Furnace Installation: Frost Heating & Cooling Repair Service offers top-notch furnace installation services. Our expert furnace contractors can handle any installation, be it an electric or a floor furnace. But we don’t stop at installation. We believe in comprehensive service, so we also offer furnace maintenance to ensure your system stays in peak condition. This includes preventative maintenance to catch any potential issues early on. If you are looking to replace an old unit we have got you covered with our furnace replacement services. We understand the importance of affordability so we make sure our services won’t break the bank. With us, you get reliable, expert service without any hidden costs. Trust Frost Heating and Cooling for your furnace installation needs.

    Personalized Solutions: Every home and business in Kent has unique heating needs, and at Frost Heating and Cooling, we get that. We’re not just about providing furnace services; we’re about crafting personalized solutions that fit your specific requirements. Be it furnace installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement, we tailor our services to your needs, ensuring your heating system performs at its best. Whether it’s an electric furnace in a cozy bungalow or commercial furnace maintenance for a sprawling business complex, our team brings the same level of expertise and commitment to each job. With us, you get more than a service; you get a customized solution designed with you in mind.

    Certified Technicians – We’ll Keep Your System Running Smoothly

    When it comes to your furnace, you want nothing but the best hands on it. That’s where our certified technicians at Frost Heating and Cooling come in. Located in Kent, WA, our team is all about keeping your system running like a well-oiled machine. From local furnace repair to comprehensive furnace preventative maintenance, they’ve mastered it all. They know the ins and outs of different furnace types, be it residential floor furnace or commercial electric furnace. Our technicians are not just about fixing things; they’re committed to providing affordable furnace repair and maintenance services that are tailored to your needs. With our certified technicians on the HVAC job, you can rest easy knowing your furnace is in expert hands.

    Unleash the Power of Heating: Comprehensive Furnace Services for Ultimate Comfort

    Let’s Talk: Ready to feel warm and comfy in your home? It all starts with our ‘furnace consultation’. Get in touch and one of our experienced furnace contractors in Kent, WA, will visit your place to understand your heating requirements. We’ll examine your current furnace setup, making note of its type, age, and any problems you’ve been noticing.

    In-Depth Inspection: Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough ‘furnace inspection’. This isn’t just a quick glance – we’ll examine each component, testing its functionality and looking out for any potential issues. We’ll check the filters, the blower, heat exchanger, and even the safety controls. All of this to ensure we don’t miss out on anything that might need a good ‘furnace tune-up’.

    Tailored Proposal: With all the information from our inspection, we create a personalized service proposal for you. For example, we might prepare an affordable furnace repair plan for issues we found during inspection. Another example would be a furnace preventative maintenance plan to keep everything running smoothly, or a ‘furnace replacement service’ if we determine that your old HVAC unit is failing. We will explain each option clearly with details about what it involves, why we recommend it, and what it would cost.

    Expert Execution: Once you give us the go-ahead, our team swings into action. We follow HVAC industry’s best practices and safety standards during our work. Whether it’s replacing a faulty part, cleaning your system, or installing a brand-new furnace, we ensure every task is carried out with utmost precision and care.

    Final Delivery: After we’ve done our part, we make sure everything’s working as expected. We will run few tests and do a final check-up on the furnace  to keep you cozy and warm and will answer any furnace questions that you have. We will  share some easy-to-follow furnace maintenance tips as well. We’re all about leaving you satisfied with our work by keeping your furnace working at its best.

    Remember, we are just a click or a phone call away. Schedule your consultation right here, or give us a call at 253-204-9718. We can’t wait to get started on your heating journey!

    The Most Common Furnace Problems Due to Irregularity of Maintenance

    You know that dreaded moment when your cozy Kent home starts feeling more like an icebox? It’s often a sign of furnace problems, which can sneak up on you, especially if regular furnace maintenance isn’t your thing.

    One common issue we see during our local furnace repair visits is a dirty or blocked system. Without routine furnace cleaning, dirt can accumulate, causing your furnace to work overtime and eventually fail. It’s like trying to run a marathon while breathing through a straw – not fun!

    Then there’s the unreliable thermostat – you know, when you set it to “tropical paradise” but it feels more like “arctic tundra.” Regular maintenance can catch such inconsistencies early on.

    Oh, and let’s not forget about strange noises that would make a horror movie sound designer jealous. Your furnace isn’t haunted; it just might need some care from a professional furnace contractor.

    Unexpected breakdowns? They can happen too. But with regular residential or commercial furnace maintenance, depending on your needs, you can help prevent them. After all it’s easier and often cheaper to fix small issues than to bear the cost of a complete furnace replacement service. Our team at Frost Heating and Cooling is here to help whether you need an affordable furnace repair or advice on preventative measures. Give us a call for a free estimate and let’s get that furnace back to its best! Remember, a well-maintained furnace is a happy furnace.

    Free Cost Estimate for Furnace Repair Services

    Ever wondered what it might cost to fix a broken furnace? Unexpected furnace repair costs can send your budget into a tailspin. But here’s some good news from us at Frost Heating and Cooling in Kent – we offer a free cost estimate for all our furnace repair services. Whether it’s a residential floor furnace giving you the chills or a commercial furnace acting up in the worst possible moment. Our team of experts is ready to diagnose the problem and give you an honest, no-obligation quote, absolutely free!

    Maybe you’ve noticed your electric furnace is on the blink, or perhaps your floor furnace seems to be rehearsing for a band debut. Just give us a ring, and we’ll give you a clear picture of what it’ll take to get your home or business comfy and warm again. It’s all part of our commitment to provide affordable furnace repair services and keep the good folks of Kent cozy all year round. So, why wait? Let’s figure out what’s going on with that furnace and get you back to toasty in no time!

    What to do if your furnace is not working properly?

    Don’t wait until your furnace stops working during the coldest months. Take action now and ensure your comfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience our exceptional furnace services firsthand. Call [Your Phone Number] or fill out our online form to get started.

    So, your furnace in Kent, WA decided to take a vacation and left you in the cold? Don’t worry, we are here to help with this quick guide on what to do when your furnace is not working properly.

    First, Is the power on? Have you checked the thermostat settings? Sometimes, these simple checks can save you a lot of worry (and a potentially embarrassing call to your furnace contractor!).

    If everything looks good but your furnace is still giving you the cold shoulder, it might be time for some professional help. Reach out to your local furnace repair service. At Frost Heating and Cooling, we’re always ready to assist. We can quickly schedule a furnace inspection to identify the issue and provide a furnace repair free estimate.

    Perhaps you’ve been neglecting your furnace maintenance? No judgement here! But remember, just like your car, your furnace needs regular tune-ups too. Our residential and commercial furnace maintenance services will help prevent breakdowns and keep your system running smoothly.

    Sometimes, the problem might be beyond repair and it’s more cost-effective to replace rather than repair. In that case, we offer both furnace installation service and furnace replacement service. And we’ll always be upfront about the costs, so there are no surprises.

    But remember, the best way to avoid unexpected furnace drama is regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s not as daunting as it sounds – our furnace preventative maintenance service can do the work for you.

    So, whether it’s a simple cleaning, a complex repair, or a complete installation, we’ve got you covered in Kent WA. Let’s get your furnace back on track and your home cozy again. After all, we’re not just experts, we’re neighbors too!

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    We promise to provide all customers with top-notch service. Our goal is to make sure you are happy, safe, and comfortable once our work is done. We make every effort to carry out this promise with every call.
    Mohammad HeidariMohammad Heidari
    03:16 24 May 23
    They have done a great job to remove old A/C unit and install new heat pump and connecting it to the furnace. They were very friendly and polite. They were patient to describe the new system to us and answer all our questions. I certainly recommend them to my friends and family for HVAC needs.
    Michelle B.Michelle B.
    20:02 20 May 23
    Roman and his crew installed our AC unit and his price was unbeatable. Was able to come out the day after giving us a quote, just in time for the warmer weather! The unit works perfectly so far and now we can enjoy our home in the hot summer months. Would definitely recommend these guys!
    Alex KalchikAlex Kalchik
    05:45 27 Jan 23
    We had frost heating and cooling install all the HVAC in our newly built home. The layout is great, and 3 zones work flawlessly to heat and cool our entire home. Vlad and his crew were on time, explained every step, were very knowledgeable, and finished the job extremely fast. Not only were they extremely professional, but their price was better than all the other quotes we received. HIGHLY recommend! The only company I will use for my future HVAC needs.
    Roman TurbalRoman Turbal
    20:51 09 Nov 22
    As a property manager, I always look around for new vendors, just to complete work orders as fast as I can. These guys helped me with several projects in extremely timely manner, so our residents remain happy! Very budget effective as well. They are in my first call list.
    Natalya ShestakovaNatalya Shestakova
    14:56 09 Nov 22
    They did an excellent job installing two Mitsubishi heat pumps at our Masson County home. The work was done neatly and quickly despite the fact that the place for installation was very inconvenient. In addition, the guys were able to keep my current Nest thermostats on our units instead of Mitsubishi thermostats, which other mechanics had no idea about. Great job. I highly recommend them.
    Alexei KosobutskiAlexei Kosobutski
    04:05 03 Nov 22
    Frost Heating and Cooling installed an air-conditioner in my home in the summer of 2021 in the middle of the heatwave in Seattle area. They did an excellent work, very efficient, quick (the entire job took 1.5 days - first day they installed the air conditioner and did the piping and furnace connection, etc. and the second day they came and completed all the electrical work). Very positive experience and I highly recommend this company to anyone.
    Olga P.Olga P.
    02:07 03 Nov 22
    Excellent work by a very professional crew. We had some ductless units installed, and they are not only top of the line Mitsubishi models, but they work very well. These guys installed everything sooner than anyone else, were on time and efficient, and left absolutely no mess. Great job, guys!