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When winter comes, you trust that your heat pump will run as expected. If it requires maintenance, cleaning, or repair, you might not stay as warm. Most units function for 20 years or more, delivering comfortable indoor environments all day long.

Determining when the time is right to repair your current heat pump or install a new one can be tricky. Frost Heating & Cooling can inspect your equipment, review any unwanted symptoms, and provide an accurate diagnosis and estimate to stay comfortable.

Once we’re finished, you will have a functioning heat pump that delivers reliable outcomes.

Comprehensive Heat Pump Services

Although there can be ways to work around potential heat pump issues, it makes more sense to tackle the problem head-on. When this equipment functions as expected, you receive a comfortable indoor environment and predictable utility costs.

Our professional technicians provide a broad range of services to ensure that your installation, maintenance, and heat pump repair service needs are covered.

• Ductless Heat Pump Installation
• Heat Pump Compressor Replacement
• Mini Split Heat Pump Installation

Whether you need a replacement heat pump or you’re considering a brand-new system, our team has the skills and expertise to deliver the results you want while keeping prices affordable.

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    You can trust that our experienced technicians will find your heat pump problem or deliver a complete heat pump installation that minimizes disruptions to your routine.

    When Do I Need to Have a Heat Pump Inspected?

    Heat pumps are an alternative to conventional appliances because the equipment efficiently delivers temperature changes. When it stops working as expected, you might encounter some symptoms. If you see any of the following, be sure to contact Frost Heating & Cooling for a comprehensive inspection.

    1. It Keeps Running
    Heat pumps that continue to operate may have a thermostat issue, dirty air filters or coils, or a refrigerant leak. For some homes or businesses, the unit could be undersized for the indoor spaces it improves.

    2. It Doesn’t Run
    Although power loss is the most common reason a heat pump fails to work, there could be a faulty starter capacitor or reversing valve. Our team will ensure your registers are open and everything is cleaned and operating as expected.

    3. No Heating or Cooling
    When you experience this heat pump symptom, it often means the outdoor unit is blocked somehow. There could be leaking ducts, dirty filters or coils, or a refrigerant leak. You can trust our team to deliver a thorough inspection and an accurate diagnosis.

    Do I Need to Have My Heat Pump Serviced Today?

    Although heat pumps are designed to operate for two decades or more, they can only deliver that result by receiving the proper maintenance and attention they need each year.

    Frost Heating & Cooling Repair Service can help you maximize this investment while ensuring you receive the indoor comfort you want. Contact us at your convenience for a no-obligation estimate at a competitive rate.