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Water Heater and Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair

When you get home after a long day, it feels good to let the stress melt away with a hot shower. If you prefer to start your morning that way to prepare for what you might face, the presence of consistent hot water can help you get ready.

What happens when your water heater or tankless water heater system doesn’t perform as expected?

Instead of shivering in the cold, contact the pros at Frost Heating & Cooling. We can look at your equipment, recommend maintenance or repair needs, and get that water hot for you again.

Water Heater and Tankless System Services

We provides 24-hour water heater repair. We work with Navien, AO Smith and other top brands, ensuring our expertise can help you achieve your desired results.

Whether you have an electric water heater, a gas model, or a tankless system, we can help you consistently access this needed asset.

Here is an overview of our services for residential and commercial water heaters.

  • Electric water heater installation, clearance, and replacement.
  • Emergency hot water heater repair.
  • Gas water heater services.
  • Hot water heater drain valve replacement.
  • Water heater element replacement.

Most water heater services happen after a problem develops. Instead of waiting for it to fail, it’s possible to get more life out of this essential appliance with proactive inspections and maintenance services.

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    Whether you need an expansion tank, a thermocouple replacement, or a thermostat repair, our team is there to provide the help you need.

    Does My Water Heater or Tankless System Need Attention?

    When a water heater doesn’t provide hot water, you can take that symptom as a sign that something isn’t working as expected. If you have a tankless system, it might mean that too many faucets are operating simultaneously.

    Frost Heating & Cooling can help determine how many gallons per minute are appropriate for your household to ensure your tankless system installation can keep up with peak demand.

    Here are other symptoms to watch for if you have an older water heater to avoid a potentially catastrophic failure.

    1. Odd Noises

    If your water heater starts making some strange sounds, it could be due to excessive sediment in the tank or failing circuits in a tankless system. You might hear popping, grinding, gurgling, or bubbling. Our team can evaluate, flush, and potentially repair the issues that cause these noises.

    2. Muddy Water
    When a water heater tank ages, the metal starts fluffing off into the liquid it contains. As it settles, the sediment can change its color, tone, and taste. When you see this symptom, it is time to drain and flush the unit before giving it a complete assessment.

    3. Less Hot Water

    When the heating element is about to give out on tanks or tankless systems, it can prevent you from accessing hot water. It might stay lukewarm, but the experience will be different than before.

    Do I Need a New Water Heater?

    If it has been 10 to 15 years since your water heater or tankless system was installed, it might be time for a proactive upgrade. With this investment, you’ll prevent a system failure while taking advantage of new, more efficient technologies.

    Hot water is essential for daily life. Contact us today so that you can have more of it available when you need it with our water heater installation and repair services.