Your furnace plays a significant part in your house’s comfort and general well-being. However, the furnace is not capable of completing this task on its own. This is why keeping up with routine maintenance is essential to maximizing performance and dependability.

To keep up with routine maintenance, it is natural to have questions regarding furnace service costs around you. So, if you want to keep your furnace in tip-top form for as little as possible, here’s a brief rundown of the service costs involved.

What Is The Average Cost OF Furnace Service?

The average price to service a furnace might vary widely from one HVAC company to the next. There is, however, a predictable range, and it’s surprisingly low, considering all the maintenance effort professionals do into keeping your furnace in good working order. However, you should expect to spend around $115-$200 on a furnace tune-up, and a typical servicing call will cost you about $140.

Obviously, the price will change based on the quality of your furnace and the service you choose. If the HVAC professionals find something wrong with your furnace, the cost of their visit will go up a bit while attempting to fix it. This repair call may cost less than usual because many HVAC companies provide discounts on furnace tune-ups.

Another factor that could play a role in determining the overall price is the kind of furnace you currently have. Listed below are the average service cost of different types of furnaces.

Average Cost To Service Gas Furnace 

The typical cost for a gas furnace service is around $100; the low end of that spectrum is $60. Repairs for a gas furnace are more expensive than other furnaces, but routine maintenance is on the cheaper end of the scale.

Average Cost To Service An Electric Furnace 

Depending on your chosen company, the cost of service for your electric furnace might be anywhere from $115 to $200. When a repair is needed, fixing an electric furnace costs less than fixing a gas furnace. Most fixes for electric furnaces will cost at most $300.

Average Cost To Service An Oil Furnace 

Heating with oil is very much like using a gas furnace. While the cost of repairs might range widely, a standard service should only cost around $100.

Additional Factors Affecting the Cost Of Furnace Service

When you include parts and different labor prices, these figures might go up or down fast. Most of the elements that will eventually break down in your furnace due to age won’t cost too much to replace, but a few can set you back substantially more than you may imagine. Some of the notable outliers are:

  • Maintenance & Replacement of Heat Pumps
  • Changing out the coils
  • Maintenance/repair of the condenser

Your furnace repair expenses may be more than usual if any of these essential parts breaks down. However, to identify the best HVAC solution for your house and budget, a professional will work with you to determine your needs.

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