What intervals do you service your furnace? Depending on age and brand at least, a quarterly or yearly  inspection of your furnace is recommended, and annual reviews are preferable to avoid debris accumulating and causing a breakdown. Without thorough service, a filthy filter or a failing fan can cause severe breakdowns if they aren’t addressed, so it’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks to catch these problems before they cause downtime. But the question is, how often should you service your furnace?

If you have a newer model, you might get away with an inspection and consistent check-ups; however, this is extremely risky for old furnaces. You will only discover nascent issues once it’s too late and your system fails. There may be expensive maintenance required as a result of this.

Effects of Poor Furnace Service

Although furnaces and HVAC systems vary widely, regular maintenance is recommended for all models. Experts in the industry claim that the overwhelming majority (75%) of “no heat” calls during the winter are due to improper service furnaces and the absence of any service or care. Don’t be one of the many people who experience this.

A broken or poorly maintained furnace poses a severe threat to the safety of your house and family. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fires are both easily avoided with regular furnace maintenance from a professional HVAC technician.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Requires Maintenance

Even if you don’t think your furnace needs repair, having it serviced quarterly or yearly can help in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Did you know, for instance, that a carbon monoxide leak can occur in a furnace? Given that carbon monoxide has no discernible odor or color, you wouldn’t be able to tell either. Carbon monoxide is a known carcinogen. But having your furnace checked at a stipulated time could save your life.

Improve the efficiency of your furnace.

The best way to improve your furnace efficiency is to source a reliable contractor who can advise how often you should service your furnace. Remember, a dirty or broken furnace may still be able to heat your home, but it will need to do more efficiently. Maintaining and servicing your furnace involves cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating it, so it operates as efficiently as possible. You will reduce your utility bill by maintaining an efficient furnace.

At Frost Heating and Cooling, we inspect your furnace thoroughly, staying until we are confident that there are no current or impending difficulties that could lead to significant problems in the future. We also inspect the filter and ventilation system to ensure they work correctly.

Failure to maintain your furnace regularly can result in a lack of heat, potential health problems, and astronomical repair costs. Therefore, at least once a year before the cold weather sets in, have a local and respected HVAC firm inspect your system to ensure it is in tip-top shape for the season.

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