It’s crucial to replace your furnace filter regularly to ensure your home or office stays warm, and your energy bills remain low. But how can you easily change the furnace filter?
In this post, we’ll show you how to replace your furnace filter replacement  in 6 easy steps.

Why should you replace your furnace?
Replacing your furnace filter is an important task that should be done every few months, depending on the type of filter you have. Not only does it keep your furnace running efficiently, but it also keeps your air clean and free of allergens.

Here’re the necessary steps for replacing a furnace filter

Determine the size of your filter.
Determining the size of your filter is very crucial. This is important because you’ll need to buy a filter that is the right size for your furnace. Most furnace filters are either 16x20x1″, 20x20x1″, or 24x24x1″.
If you’re not sure which size your furnace requires, you can find the measurements on the side or top of your furnace’s filter housing. Once you’ve determined the size, mark it down, so you don’t forget!

Turn off your furnace.
The first thing to do when replacing an old filter is to turn off your furnace. You don’t want the new filter to end up covered in soot! You also need to turn off your furnace for your own safety.

Find and locate your furnace filter.
Once your furnace is turned off, locate the filter. It will be somewhere in the front of the unit and will likely be a square or rectangle shape. The filter will be labeled, so you’ll know which one to replace.

Remove the existing (old) filter.
After locating your furnace filter, the next step is to remove the old filter from the furnace. It is crucial for you to be careful when removing the old filter so as not to damage anything.

Insert the new filter
Now it’s time to insert the new filter. Some filters come with a plastic frame that helps keep them in place, while others are inserted into a metal slider. If your filter doesn’t have a frame, be sure to firmly press it into the slots on either side, so it doesn’t move around.
If your furnace is on a floor, be especially careful not to block the air intake at the bottom. You may also want to put a towel or some other type of barrier under the filter to catch any debris or dust that falls off as you’re working.

Return furnace to “on” position
Now that you’ve replaced your furnace filter, it’s time to put everything back in place and turn your furnace back on. Simply return the furnace to the “on” position and wait for it to come back up to temperature.

Knowing how to replace your furnace filter is an important skill to have, especially during the colder months.
Even though replacing a furnace filter might look like a simple take, it is important to call a professional like Frost Heating & Cooling to handle it if you are not sure of how to properly carry out the process.