There are times when you need to know how to service your furnace. Know exactly how to do so before you call a professional to save time, money, and frustration. However, it is essential to use extreme care when working with furnaces. No matter what type of furnace you have, this article will teach you how to perform minor service on your furnace before calling in an expert.

Step-by-Step Furnace Servicing

Cut off electricity and detached the chamber door

Before you can begin servicing your furnace, you must cut off its electricity. When you’re confident the heat is turned off, you may remove the hatch covers from the combustion chamber by lifting the door up. There may be screws that need to be removed from the burner lid of your furnace.

Check the Flames of the Burners

Once you’ve checked the pilot light, flip the furnace’s breaker back on and turn the thermostat up a few degrees to get a better look at the burner flames. A steady blue flame indicates clean burners, while a yellow one indicates potential danger due to buildup. Do not freak out if you see a yellow love; take precautions and avoid breathing it in. Turn off the heater and contact an expert immediately. No matter the flame’s colour flames color, you should still shut off the furnace and go on.

Remove All Dust From The Burner And Blower Area

Be sure the lights are out and the gas is shut off. To clean the burners and the blower area, remove the door to the blower area and use a shop vac to remove any debris gently. All cracks and crevices should be carefully vacuumed to remove any dirt, dust, or soot that may have accumulated there.

Disassemble the Blower for Cleaning

Using the blower door removed, you may access the blower for cleaning by removing the blower compartment with a screwdriver and a socket wrench (if necessary). If you take your time, the fan blades may be cleaned with a vacuum and a little brush. The blower’s delicate balance may be easily upset, so take care while cleaning to avoid touching any wires or counterweights.

Replace the Filter in the heater

A clean furnace filter is essential, and it’s recommended that you do it once every 1-2 months. It’s critical to keep up with filter maintenance so that you’re not breathing in possibly harmful debris. Assuming a replacement filter is on hand, and the filter latch can be opened, the old Filter can be pulled out, and the new Filter may be gently inserted.

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