It’s really cold outdoors, and your furnace has broken down. Trying to fix the furnace system is worth a shot before calling a professional furnace service near you. A few frequent factors might result in your furnace not working as it is meant to, and some of those issues are relatively simple to resolve.

Consider the solutions below before hiring a professional furnace Contractor if your furnace isn’t starting or functioning correctly.

Inspect the air filter and replace it if necessary.

Do open your furnace, remove the air filter, and examine it to ensure it is free of dust and other particles. Your furnace may not get enough air to operate correctly if the filter is filthy or blocked. Whatever the case, this cuts down the airflow too much for the system to warm your home. This is one of the most prevalent problems, and its solution is also one of the simplest. Just remove and replace the filter.

Check the power supply.

Maybe someone accidentally flipped the switch that turned off the electricity supply to your furnace. Even gas furnaces include electrical components; thus, flipping the switch off will cut the unit’s power. However, even if the supply switch is in the correct position, you should still verify the circuit breakers or fuse connected to your furnace to ensure that it has not tripped or blown. If that’s the case, flip the switch off entirely and then back on.

Check the pilot light.

The ignitor or the pilot light sensor in your gas furnace may malfunction if the pilot light isn’t lighting. For this reason, clean the sensor in your furnace regularly. However, if you’re not confident doing it yourself, call a professional HVAC expert, and we will handle the job for you.

Inspect the thermostat

If you share your house with others, someone else may have tampered with the temperature controls. First, check if the thermostat is adjusted to HEAT and ensure that the fan is positioned automatically or continually blowing. Also, ensure that the thermostat’s settings are much more than the current room temperature when testing it. To finish, give your furnace one more try by raising the temperature on your thermostat to its highest setting and seeing if it makes a difference. If this doesn’t fix the problem with your furnace, try the other suggestions listed below.

Check the Gas Supply

A properly functioning furnace relies on a steady fuel supply, so double-check the gas hoses and valves to ensure they are fully open. However, if you detect any odor of gas or propane, turn off the furnace entirely and give Frost heating & cooling a call so we can provide immediate furnace repair!

Professional heating and cooling services near you

Even if you’ve already tried the above solutions, and your furnace isn’t functioning correctly or won’t turn on, Frost Heating & cooling services is here to help. We have experienced and skilled experts who are always ready to deliver a high-quality Job.

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