Among the many preventive measures, you can take to extend the life of your air conditioner is to change the filter regularly. This, of course, can maintain the efficient operation of your HVAC unit and helps you save money on utility bills. But unfortunately, many homeowners do not keep to this, which can lead to higher energy costs and possible repair needs. So, how often should homeowners change their air filters? Continue reading to find out more about this in this blog.

HVAC air filter: How it functions.

Air filters are critical in ensuring that only clean air enters your house. They are a crucial component of any HVAC system and may be found in the ducting or the air intake grills and are often mounted in the walls or ceiling. They help clean the air in your house by capturing dust and allergens.

However, after some period, dirt will build up in these filters, necessitating replacement. In addition, the HVAC unit may break down, and the air quality may decrease as a result. Therefore, it is essential to replace them regularly.

How Often Should I Change HVAC Air Filter?

Most Bellevue house owners know they should change their air filters at least once every few months, but some may not be so sure. First, it’s important to note that the frequency varies with the filter type. If your house has a basic filter, it should be changed every three months to keep the air quality at its best. On the contrary, if you have pets or allergies, you may need to adjust this schedule. For instance, filters should be changed every two months if pets are in the house. Allergies, including dust, pollen, and pet dander, may be kept out of the house doing this.

How Does Neglecting to Replace Your HVAC Filter Affect It?

As you may imagine, many problems arise when air filters are ignored. For example, it might short out your air conditioner, which is a significant problem. This is because a filthy filter makes the unit work more effectively to force cooled air through it, which might eventually lead to the breakdown of the system.

Respiratory issues are another possible result of neglecting to change your air filter. Asthma attacks and other respiratory disorders may be triggered by breathing in particles trapped by a filthy filter.

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