Choosing the correct air filter for your HVAC system might be difficult due to the variety of options available at your local hardware shop. Nonetheless, it’s not always the best idea to go for the same type you usually choose. Instead, investing effort into selecting the best filter will improve energy efficiency, system stability, and air quality.

This article will highlight the different types of HVAC filters and how to choose the best for your unit.

Types of Air Filters.

Learning about the many options for air filters available is the first step in selecting the most appropriate one. By understanding the options, you may more easily locate a filter that meets your needs. Let’s take a look at the different types of available HVAC filter

A Flat-Panel Filter

These filters are just what they sound like flat panels composed of fibrous substances like fiberglass, polyester, or any other synthetic fibers mounted on a board. They cost the least but are also the least effective filters available. However, they work to prevent larger material particles like dirt, lint, pet hair, and pollen from entering your HVAC unit.

They aren’t effective at removing dangerous pollutants since they don’t have enough surface area to capture them. Synthetic, flat-panel HVAC filters are marginally more effective, with the densest of them can help to enhance air quality modestly.

Filters with Pleats

A pleated filter has its surface folded in an accordion-like fashion so that it may collect more particles without becoming bulkier. Fabrics like synthetics or cotton-polyester blends are often used to make these filters. These filters are worth looking for if you care about maintaining a healthy environment within your home.

Since they have a larger surface area and lower density than air, they effectively capture airborne particles. This includes mold spores, pollen, and pet dander that are too tiny for filters to catch.

Reusable Filters

These filters are beneficial at first sight. Washable versions are more environmentally friendly because they save you from constantly purchasing new filters. However, these filters often only come in low-efficiency varieties, so they quickly get clogged with debris. Besides, regular washing won’t prevent them from being contaminated with germs and mildew, so you’ll have to toss them away eventually.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter

For a filter to be classified as a HEPA filter, it must be capable of capturing 99.98 percent of particles measuring 0.3 micrometers or larger. Many viruses, bacteria, and minute smoke particles fall into this category.

The widespread promotion of these filters gives the impression that they are the best choice for warding off indoor air pollution. However, this is not true for the great majority of residential properties. HEPA filters work so well because of their very high density. Pollutants are trapped in the thick filter material, which also limits airflow.

Which HVAC Filters Is The Best For Me?

At this point, it is always advisable to seek professional HVAC experts‘ help. Why? They know the best filter out there for your HVAC unit. Even if you are confident about the sort of filter you’re after, you still need to make some decisions concerning efficiency. This is made much simpler by the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) method. The MERV rating of a filter is determined by how many particles of various sizes it can keep out of the air.

A MERV rate may range from 1 to 23. As the MERV value rises, so does the filter’s efficiency. After deciding what kind of filter you need, understanding what MERV range you’re targeting will help you zero in on the best option.

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